Welcome to the Ancient Plasma League. If you think you're brave enough to challenge the Gym Leaders and the Elite 4 then this is where your skills will be put to the test!
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 Challenger Registration Rules

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PostSubject: Challenger Registration Rules   Challenger Registration Rules EmptyFri Nov 04, 2011 6:23 pm

These are the rules I copied and pasted from the other forum. They need a rewrite before we can use them officially, but this will do for now.

sparkle0mjck9.gif GENERAL RULES: sparkle0mjck9.gif

~Hacked Pokémon are not welcome. Anyone found using a hacked Pokémon will be disqualified from the league and not allowed to re-enter for one month.

~Battles are 6v6 and will be singles, doubles, triples, or rotation depending on the gym. The gym leaders can use whichever battle style they prefer, even if it means a different battle style for each team.

~All Pokémon battles will be at level 100, so everyone must raise their pokemon to that level.

~The following clauses are in effect:
1.Species clause: Only one Pokémon of each species is allowed per team. (Different species possess different pokédex entry numbers.)
2.Partial Item clause: Only one duplicate item is allowed per team.
3.Sleep clause: You cannot put two or more different opposing Pokémon to sleep using attacks that induce sleep to opposing Pokémon.
4.Self-KO clause: If both players have only one Pokémon remaining, moves that KO the user are not allowed. In this situation, the user of the self-KO move will be considered the loser. If both Pokémon faint due to a move with recoil, the Pokémon that attacked last will be considered the winner.

~Challengers, gym leaders, and Elite 4 members may each use one (1) legend that is not on the banned list per team. For gym leaders, that legend must be of their gym's type. All breedable pokemon are allowed.

~Wonder Launcher must be set to off.

~Don't complain about critical hits/misses/statuses/misclicks altering the course of a battle. Accept defeat with grace.

~Challengers may receive one Dream World pokemon or one Battle Subway item of their choice upon receiving 8 badges and again upon defeating all the Elite 4. No prize is given for defeating the champion besides receiving the champion title itself.

sparkle0mjck9.gif CHALLENGER RULES: sparkle0mjck9.gif

~You must have a Chatango account, since the community is based in the chat room. Here is the MetalKid's Gaming Resources front page (scroll down to the bottom), or use the direct link to the chat here.

~You may select up to 12 Pokémon to be in your "team pool." You may use any combination of Pokémon from this team pool, so long as your species do not duplicate. You may have duplicate species in a team pool, but you can only use one per team. (This is to prevent people from tailoring a team to be super-effective against each gym they fight.)

~To register, please post your team pool species (not move sets, IVs, or EVs) in the challenger registration forum here. Use the registration form provided in the pinned topics. Some challengers may be upset by this, but it is the only reasonable way to ensure people are sticking to their team pools. You have an advantage already knowing what type the gym is, so you could guess what Pokémon a gym leader will use.
Since you have a team pool of 12 your specific choices for that fight are still secret. Your IVs, EV spreads, and move sets are still kept secret.

~Please do not harass the gym leaders to battle you. If they have battled you in the past day, they are not required to fight you again, but they can if they want to. Asking politely is OK.

~Some Gym Leaders will only be on at certain times of the day/week. If so, you may need to set up an appointment to battle.

~If you feel you cannot complete the challenge with your current team pool, you may forfeit all your badges and try again with a new team pool.

~You must collect 8 badges before attempting the Elite Four. You may choose any 8 you wish. While the gym leaders may be faced in any order, the Elite Four must be faced in a specific order. If you fail against one member of the Elite Four, you must re-attempt the entire E4 challenge (not the gyms) from the beginning.
If you become league champion, a new challenger may claim your title if you do not defend it within one week of the challenge.

~On a final note, publically revealing a gym leader's/E4 member's team or strategy will cause you to forfeit four gym badges, even if you have already reached the Elite Four. The second offence will cause you to restart the league from the beginning after one month's hiatus. A third offence will cause you to be permanently banned from the league.

sparkle0mjck9.gif GYM LEADER/ELITE FOUR RULES: sparkle0mjck9.gif

~In order to qualify for a league position, you must meet the following criteria:
1.You must be a regular attender of the community for at least a month.
2.You must have a mature personality.
3.You must be skilled at pokemon battling.
4.Must be willing and able to battle people regularly.

~ IMPORTANT: Please record videos and upload each badge challenge battle to Wi-Fi for the referee to verify the win or loss, if checking is necessary. Keep track of your battle numbers. Videos should be kept private from public view to protect both the challenger's and gym leader's strategies. They are only viewed (apart from the two combatants) if a dispute arises about the validity of the battle.

~A Gym Leader's team must be comprised entirely of their respective type. With a Wild Card if the Gym Leader chooses to use one at all. Elite Four members may use any pokemon in any strategy that revolves around their appointed weather condition.

~Gym leaders may also have team pools. They do not have a quantity limit, however, since they are limited by the number of Pokémon species that exist with that type.

~Gym leaders may have multiple copies of a single species in their team pool. However, only one per team is permitted.

~Gym leaders are encouraged—but not required—to come up with their own custom badge design relating to their element.

~The Elite Four members follow the same rules as gym leaders except for the badge/gym title recommendations.

~It is possible for a gym leader to lose their gym by giving it up willingly, as punishment for breaking the rules too often, and by being absent from the site for more than two weeks without prior notice.

~Gym leaders are free to challenge the league. However, they will be subject to the same rules as challengers, and they must remember that their gym duties take priority over their league challenge. Leaders are encouraged to challenge the league with non-gym teams, and if they are called to defend their champion title, they must do so with the team pool they challenged the league.

-Blaziken (Speed Boost Ability)
-Deoxys (All Forms)
-Giratina (Both Forms)
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Challenger Registration Rules
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